~ Microterritory Gorod Ustinov appeared in the activities by the micro-art-group of the same name in 2010-2022. Its participants were born in 1986 in a city that doesn’t exist on modern maps. Inventing their own place of birth, they formed a microterritory which is geographicaly unfixed.

Moving and existing simultaneously in various locations Microterritory Gorod Ustinov took part in laboratories, exhibitions, biennales and festivals of contemporary art in Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Uzbekistan.

Working collectively the artists of Gorod Ustinov didn’t publish their names and personal biographies.

Since 2022 they work as Kirill Agafonov and Natalia Peredvigina

The practice of Microterritory Gorod Ustinov gives an impulse for microterritorial (re)search maintained by Kirill Agafonov through Microterritory.Land activities.

The artefacts of Natalia Peredvigina can be found on islands.today