Kishana Herrle (b. 1991) aka Kishana Kinashi

Kishana Kinashi is a self-chosen collective identity, a hysterically subversive hacker. She performatively provokes the complexity and subtlety of identity,its interactions in itself and in relation to the location as the artistic starting point. Kishana investigates the question: How does collective identity express itself in reality?

Through interpretation, translation and confrontation, she breaks up patterns of perception and generates aesthetics for dynamic growth. She creates disruptions in the system, nests itself in existing networks like a parasite and reacts by taking control of one's own already existing system.

Cracking existing codes, being it in technical, social, psychological or cultural form is her main concern. Kishana explores the concept of identity using a self-constructed avatar and places it between herself and reality.

Yet to Happen
a process-based show
07 — 17 .01.2023
Re.. Hornegg, Zürich
Seefeldstrasse 201