~ yet to happen

~ yet to happen

/ 07 — 17.01.2023, Zürich

Re.. Hornegg, Seefeldstrasse 201

The self-organized reenactment of the yet to happen process-based show of Microterritory Gorod Ustinov (CC19, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2021) is presented by the microterritory artist Kirill Agafonov in collaboration with artists Natalia Peredvigina and Kishana Kinashi at the temporary venue of Kunsthaus Aussersihl. The exhibition includes artworks and artefacts of many personal microterritories from several countries. It invites instant participation and simultaneously launches the Museum.Delivery joint practice of interpersonal cultural exchange.

~ yet to happen

/ 17.09 – 17.10.2021, Novosibirsk

Microterritory Gorod Ustinov invited by CC19 center of culture, Novosibirsk, in collaboration with Goethe-Institute Novosibirsk for the program of 48 Hours Novosibirsk festival with the participation of:

Anastasia Ermish (Novosibirsk); Between us laboratory with teens at CCA Radiance (Apatity); Elena Kolesnikova (Gelendzhik); horizontal school (Perm); participants of the project Action Dice by Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov (Yekaterinburg) and those who joined in Novosibirsk during the show.

What is presented in the exposition served as an impulse to its transformation and expansion of the boundaries of participation. The idea is that a visitor can choose an exhibit and move it to personal space for 48 hours. It could be living, working or any other spatial context. Someone spent time alone with the artist's work, and someone arranged a chamber exhibition for friends. Also, one of the participants took several works to show for regular visitors of the bar where he works as a bartender.

In just two weeks, several dozen of people took part and then shared their experiences and impressions at a micro-conference on the last day of the show. The structure of the exhibition itself includes empty spaces on the walls and podiums free for the appearance of new artifacts. They could be presented not only by an artist, but also by anyone who is willing to share something valuable as part of a personal microterritory or micromuseum.

Basically, the Laboratory part of the exposition is served for this purpose and for the action to give and receive artifacts. Fragments of potential spatial contexts, interior and street, were installed in the Method part.  An important concept in the idea of the exhibition is the architecture of relations. It occurs when an artifact is transferred by a participant to a new context and interacts with the social and physical environment. Thus, it is impossible to predict what has yet to happen. From this uncertainty, the essence of the project is born which is the potential multiplicity of forms of participation.

The other two parts of the exhibition is dedicated to residencies of Elena Kolesnikova from Gelendzhik and horizontal school from Perm. The Microterritory Gorod Ustinov invited them to visit Izhevsk and to work together making a view on local territories. In result a serie of drawings by Elena Kolesnikova as well as photographs and an interactive set for microinstallation by Kirill Agafonov captured the vulnerable self-build architecture of the microdistrict which has a people’s name Head Constructions. And a raw material installation by the participants of horizontal school came from the New City microdistrict where the modern development transforms a summer houses gardening area to an urban space. 

The concept and working principles of the yet to happen show are based on the Museum.Delivery practice of direct cultural exchange.

Exhibition view photos by Maksim Amelchenko



head constructions

horisontal school

Museum.Delivery in action