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/ Tula region, July 31, 2021

. Tula region: Windmill

The next stop of the shame on you! is the colliving Melnica Space (Windmill). Ilya Komarov told the story of this place and, together with Trixa, performed there for the “millers”:

“ We arrived at the Melnica from Tula in a little over an hour. The gate was opened for us by Sasha (co-organizer of the performance in the Melnica Space – approx.) and we followed him to the territory of the former collective farm. In the early 2000s, the territory was sold on the cheap to an entrepreneur. In 2011, architects moved in and gave free rein to their imagination and rebuilt the houses of agricultural labor into houses of creativity, experimentation and living together. After several years, the territory changed, guests began to come here, workshops appeared, and architectural seminars began to be held. After the obvious transformation of the space, the owner, without thinking twice, decided to increase the rent. The architects did not like the new conditions and they moved out.

Three years ago, those people who invited us now began to settle in the territory. Now this place is called Melnica Space – it's a co-living and co-working place where you live and work together. The place is beautiful: there is nature around, fields, not far from the lake, where we first went for a swim. Pikes jump out of the water, fishermen sit on the banks – an ideal atmosphere for finding inspiration and creativity.

We were met by Sasha and Anton, two dogs and two cats. Toward evening, Masha and Sveta arrived. The rest of the inhabitants of the Windmill were away. We were well received: fed, watered, arranged a tour of the territory. The next day, together we set up a great venue for the performance. Very picturesque, under the roof of an old hangar. About 5 random and non-random guests came up. Sveta and Masha prepared a magnificent buffet with pies and pretzels, and also poured blackcurrant and sea buckthorn juice into jugs. In a close circle of ten people, we held our performance, after the performance we talked for another hour. People spoke flatteringly about the performance, everyone was very touched by the topic of shame. The performance participants shared their stories, after which we warmly parted with the guests and were left alone with the inhabitants of the Windmill. Slowly, sunset began to approach, and when it got dark, we kindled a fire, cooked mackerel and vegetables on the coals. Thus, another evening of our adventures in Russia faded away at dinner. The next morning we had breakfast, packed our things, took a goodbye photo and went to the train.

Thanks Melnica! Thanks to Sasha, Anton, Masha, Sveta, dogs Gosha, Jupiter, Businka, gray cat and red cat! Thank you for your care and comfort! ”
Photo: Melnica Space

. Mill Space

The Melnica Space (Windmill) is a co-living and cultural center housed in a 1950s farmhouse. The space has been converted for living and working, and is now an environment for communication, learning, discussion and experimentation.

According to the Windmill’s people, their main values are cooperation and co-creation. The experience of living together and working on a common cause allows you to be more flexible and openly implement your ideas and communicate with your neighbors.

Visit of Trixa Arnold and Ilya Komarov with the performance shame on you! organically included in the series of summer events of the cultural center at the Melnica Space.