~ shame on you! on tour .2

/ Yekaterinburg, July 7, 2021

. Second performance: Metenkov House museum

On Wednesday, the second performance took place in Yekaterinburg – in the courtyard of the Metenkov House Museum, we publish a detailed note by Ilya Komarov, in which he shares his impressions of the performance and a walk around the city:

“ We arrived at the Metenkov House at three o'clock, began to unload and noticed that Trix had forgotten her instrument. Thanks to Nail for coming for him, and Nastya treated us to tea at that time, after which she told us about the house, about Metenkov and about the exposition. Fifty people gathered in the yard where we played. It was noisy from the road, we had to speak into the microphone. So there was no question of any intimacy, which turned out to be a small problem, because during the performance there was a distance from the audience. Plus, as it turned out later, there were many students who study archives, and they were interested in how archival materials are presented. So it was a kind of communication with students - as if the audience came to a lecture. But despite this distance and constraint, people still reacted and also shared their stories of shame.

And in the end, we had a theater in real time – when I dedicated the last song to our deceased friend, who was very close to us. We found out about this literally the day before the performance, after the first performance in the Cherepanovs' garden. A man came from Moscow and said that Sveta Elchaninova had suddenly died two weeks ago. From Covid, in the hospital. It was a shock. And then it somehow spontaneously happened that I dedicated the last song to her. And I did not expect that we would be covered during the performance: a lump in the throat, Trixa's tears fall on the records. All in all, it was very dramatic. I think it touched people.
After the performance, we sat with two Nastya, who oversee the program at the museum. They gave us a night tour of the city and showed us local sights, mostly architectural. We talked for a long time about constructivism and the Soviet avant-garde of the 20s and 30s. It's been a good walk.

The next day we went to Perm, on the way we visited the Suksun Pond – a great place, if someone is driving from Yekaterinburg to Perm, do not pass by! Bathed, ate. The water is clean there. Radishchev used to visit the Suksunsky Pond and compared it with Lake Geneva. He called this corner the Ural Switzerland. Well, to be honest, he went a little too far in my opinion (laughs). I understand that there are hills around, but Lake Geneva is 50 times larger. And the mountains are a little higher. But there is a kind of idyll there. In Suksun, by the way, there is the only monument to the samovar in the Urals. In general, I advise you to visit. ”

. Museum of Photography Metenkov House

The Museum of Photography Metenkov House actively involves the local community, facilitating the interaction of different audiences. The museum declares the importance of preserving history, but at the same time tries to be modern and maintain current artistic practices. The Metenkov House art residency program, which has been operating since 2016, promotes the development of contemporary art in Yekaterinburg. Performance by Trixa Arnold & Ilya Komarov as part of the schäm dich! / shame on you! continues the vector of international and interregional exchange. It will take place in the courtyard of the museum, which is located in the city center. Passing citizens will be able to join the performance and share their impressions.