~ shame on you! on tour .3-4

/ Perm, July 9–10, 2021

. Shame on you! in Perm: Museum for Contemporary Art and horizontal school

Another page of our tour diary is dedicated to Perm, where two performances took place as part of the tour: in the Museum for Contemporary Art and in the former underground printing house. How it was read in the article by Ilya Komarov:

“ On the way to Perm, Trixa found information that in the past Perm had a high crime rate in Russia, and at the present time there is an outbreak of unemployment. On the way we noticed a lot of oil rigs. Nail (a photographer who travels by car with Trixa and Ilya to Sep – approx.) said that the Permsky Krai and Tatarstan are the richest regions in Russia. Unlike Kazan, where this wealth is visible in the city, in Perm it is not. I concluded that, probably, the money just goes into someone's pocket, and not for social needs and the improvement of the city. Be that as it may, we arrived in Perm and stayed in tall new buildings, after which we went to meet the horizontal school.

The meeting was at the Underground Printing House Museum. In the garden, we chatted and talked about our projects, and then Natalia Germanovna, the head of the museum, came and told us about the exposition, about the history of the underground printing house at the beginning of the last century. The printing house is part of the local history museum and, despite its small size, is popular in the city.

The next day we arrived at the PERMM museum, where Mitya Solovyov, a museum employee, found us a performance room on the third floor, where we put chairs for the audience in a circle, tuned in and went to eat pasties, not far from the circus. I have never eaten such delicious pasties! By 18:59, 20 people came to our performance, the number of spectators was limited due to the pandemic. And it was optimal. There was a favorable atmosphere for shameful stories.

The spectators who came actively participated, told stories and were interested in the project. There were several random people who walked around the exhibition and stayed with us for the whole hour and a half. And then they thanked for such a surprise. Mitya also expressed gratitude and, probably, the first person who noted the musical component of the performance: he liked the songs and texts, the simplicity of the performance in combination with the depth of content. Mitya also noted that the participation of the public is an integral part of the performance and makes it livelier. Then we walked around the museum and Dasha, a philologist and freelance assistant of the museum, told us about the exhibition. The exhibition is called Objects of Pride and Shame by Vladimir Arkhipov. That is, our performance about shame complemented the current exposition of the museum. After the performance, we walked around the city and saw local sights, ending with a walk along the embankment.

The next day there was a performance at the Underground Printing House Museum, because it was raining outside, we settled inside and again managed to create the right atmosphere. At the performance, it was possible to successfully play music and have a nice conversation with those who came. It was the youngest audience in all our performances. The performance lasted an hour and a half, after which the guys from the horizontal school prepared an answer – a musical and poetic performance with a Dadaist bias. We liked it! For another hour we talked about art, artistic directions, the idea of this performance and shame – it was very interesting. The guys had a lot of questions and we tried to answer everything, later we said goodbye and the evening came to an end. Next stop – Sep! ”


Photo courtesy of PERMM
The PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art is the leading state museum of contemporary art outside the two capitals, presenting contemporary Russian art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum hosts iconic exhibitions of Russian contemporary artists and large-scale international projects. PERMM is also known for its intensive work with local communities, the results of which are changing the cultural landscape and public space both in Perm and outside the Perm region.

Performance "Shame on you!" resonates with the current exhibition of the museum - "Objects of Pride and Shame" by Vladimir Arkhipov. The exhibition presents home-made devices, tools and furniture. Most of these objects were born in a situation of difficult economic conditions, but at the same time they create beautiful and poetic stories, and each object has a personal touching story.

The performance took place on Friday, July 9 at 18:59. This special time marks the informal cultural partnership between the Udmurt Republic (region 18) and the Permsky Krai(region 59), which in this case is presented in cooperation of the #Micromuseum initiative and the PERMM museum.

. horizontal school

The practice of the horizontal school is a paradoxically self-organized collective initiative or a re-invented tool-comrade-gadget for the exchange and production of knowledge.